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Physics at the Terascale

The Helmholtz Alliance “Physics at the Terascale” bundles German activities in the field of high-energy collider physics. It is a network comprising all German research institutes working on LHC experiments, a future linear collider or the related phenomenology - 18 universities, two Helmholtz Centres and one Max Planck Institute. The Alliance includes the following topics: development of new accelerator and detector technologies, methods of data analysis, development of theoretical models and methods and development of the relevant computing infrastructure. More...

This week's events

NAF User Committee Monthly Meeting
Dr. KEMP, Yves
time icon Wed Feb. 21, 11:00h
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Upcoming Events

The Terascale Statistics school will take place on 19.-23.2. at DESY.
To see the program and to register click here.

The Detector Workshop takes place on 27.2.-2.3. in Munich.
To see the program and to register click here.

Theorist of the Month

The "Theorist of the Month" is a concept installed in order to improve the exchange between theory and experiment and to strengthen the theory background of experimental Ph.D. students. The Theorist of the Month will spend about one week at DESY and in this time give one basic seminar on his/her research topic, be available for all kinds of theory questions and discussions, and at the end of his/her stay summarise the discussions and questions of the week.

Next theorist of the month in January: Xiaohui Liu