Physics at the Terascale Helmholtz Gemeinschaft


PhD position Mainz

PhD for Innovative Trigger Developments for Hadron Collider Experiments
Deadline - Applications will be processed untl the position is filled
Posted 30.07.2008

Post-Doc position Dresden

Postdoctoral Fellow for Experimental Particle Physics
Deadline 01.08.2008
Posted 10.06.2008

Post-Doc position DESY

Post-doc position in the Helmholtz-Young Investigators Group "Physics of Gluons and Heavy Quarks"
Deadline 30.06.2008
Posted 26.05.2008

Grid computing position LMU München

Deadline 15.02.2008.
Re-posted 26.05.2008

MC Position in the Analysis Centre at DESY

Deadline 15.06.2008
Posted 28.04.2008

Executive Science Communicator TU Dresden

Deadline: 15.05.2008
Posted 01.04.2008

PhD position Mainz

Deadline: to be filled as soon as possible
Posted 12/02/2008

Leader of the Analysis Centre

Deadline 31.01.2008
Posted 12.12.2007