Physics at the Terascale Helmholtz Gemeinschaft

Analysis centre: Parton Distribution Functions


The Analysis Centre
  - provides training (workshops, schools, seminars) on all aspects concerning
    PDFs and inclusive hard scattering processes in ep, pp and ppbar reactions
  - supports the analyses of the final HERA data as well as LHC data w.r.t to
    the extraction of PDFs
  - coordinates comparisons of different PDF analyses to refine the understanding
    of PDFs and their errors, including alpha_s(M_Z^2)
  - provides further theoretical calculations needed to improve ongoing ep, pp
    and ppbar analyses

Supported Projects
  • Improved heavy flavour treatment for HERA data, calculation of the perturbative corrections (e.g. 3-loop heavy flavour corrections) for the data analysis of F2(x,Q^2)
  • OPENQCDRAD - an open source code for computation of all hard scattering cross sections including theory predictions for the DIS structure functions with heavy-flavour contributions in the running-mass scheme. The code can be used for benchmark studies up to NNLO accuracy in QCD.
  • HERAFitter - an open source QCD fit platform which provides all necessary tools, extracts PDFs and assesses the impact of new data (ep, pp and ppbar). HERAFitter includes various modules and is interfaced to FastNLO and Applgrid for the fast input of NLO jet and Drell-Yan cross sections, and to HATHOR for the input of top cross sections. A variety of heavy quark schemes are available in HERAFitter for the computation of the DIS structure functions. The project is actively used by LHC and HERA experiments.
  • PROSA - Proton Structure Analyses in Hadronic Collisions - the novel international effort between high energy physicists and experiment and theory with the goal to improve the knowledge of the interpretation of data from hadron colliders, e.g. like extraction of PDFs.