Physics at the Terascale Helmholtz Gemeinschaft

RT1: Physics Analysis

The Analysis Centre

The analysis centre provides support for physics analysis in ATLAS and CMS. At present we support the following subjects:

Analysis Working Groups

Analysis working groups are small groups consisting of members with member from at least two of the three communities, ATLAS, CMS, theory At the moment the following analysis working groups are established:

If you are interested to contribute to one of the groups please contact the coordinators. If you like to start a new group please contact the project board.

Information on previous analysis working groups and their results can be found here.

Virtual Theory Institute

One of the first activities of the Virtual Theory Institute (VTI) is to organise a series of seminars that will also be broadcast using EVO. The organisers of the seminars are Herbi Dreiner (chair), Stefan Dittmaier, Michael Kraemer and Dieter Zeppenfeld.

The slides and further information about the seminars can be found under Indico

Analysis Project Board

The Analysis Project Board governs all activities within the research topic "Analysis", in particular the activities of the Virtual Theory Institute, the Analysis Centre and other adjoined working groups and efforts. The Project Board is currently formed by
Herbi Dreiner (theo. chair),
Martin Erdmann,
Stefan Gieseke (YIGs and Fellows),
Michael Kobel,
Klaus Mönig,
Thomas Schoerner-Sadenius (for the Analysis Centre),
Peter Uwer,
Ulrich Uwer (exp. chair),
Georg Weiglein.

LHC-D Workshops

The LHC-D workshops were set up by KET in 2006 to stimulate exchanges between phenomelogists and experimentalists in preparation for the LHC data taking. The working groups are being integrated into the framework of the Helmholtz Alliance.

Mid-term review posters