Physics at the Terascale Helmholtz Gemeinschaft


Tenured experimental particle physics position in Mainz

Deadline 18.06.2009
Posted 20.05.2009

Professorship (W2) for Particle Physics in Göttingen

Deadline 24.04.2009
Posted 10.03.2009

Professorship (W2) for Experimental Physics in Bonn

Deadline 15.04.2009
Posted 06.03.2009

Tenured Phenomenology Fellow in Siegen

Deadline: 20.03.2009
Posted: 25.02.2009

Professorship (W3) for Theoretical Physics in Goettingen

Deadline: 15.04.2009
Posted: 25.02.2009

PhD position Aachen

PhD in detector development.
Deadline - Applications will be processed untl the position is filled
Posted 12.02.2009

Several New Alliance Positions

A series of Alliance positions are open: a position for statistics tools within the analysis centre, three Alliance fellows and two positions for chip design in Heidelberg.
Deadline for all positions is 31.12.2008.
Posted 17.11.2008

For some of the positions an announcement from the institute is also available:

Fellowships 2007

See Alliance Fellowships 2007 for detailed descriptions.
Deadlines for most positions are 31.12.2007. For the theory fellowships preference will be given to applications received by 15.12.2007.
Some of the experimental fellowships are still open. These have been announced on 17.11.2008. The deadline for the new positions is 31.12.2008.
Posted 09.11.2007

Scientist in the Monte Carlo Group, DESY Hamburg

Deadline extended to: 27.04.2009
Posted: 25.03.2009

Professorship (W2) for Particle Physics in Würzburg

Deadline 14.02.2009

Detector Development Position in Bonn

A position for a physicst working on detector development has been announced in Bonn.
Deadline 31.01.2009
Posted 24.11.2008

W3 Professorship in Siegen

Deadline: 15.06.2009

Post-Doc position Bonn

Post-doc (Assistent A13) postion for Experimental Particle Physics Bonn
Deadline: Open until filled can start 01/01/2010
Posted 28.10.2009

Post-Doc position Siegen

Post-doc postion for Experimental Particle Physics
Deadline 18.09.2009
Posted 11.09.2009

Young Investigator Group Accelerator Physics Hamburg

Deadline: 31.07.2009
Posted 09.07.2009

W2 Professorship in Mainz

Deadline: 20.07.2009
Posted 22.06.2009