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Previous Analysis Working Groups

Here you find information on previous analysis working groups and their results.

R-parity violating Supersymmetry at the LHC

Coordinator: H. Dreiner
Members: S. Grab, W. Hollik, M. Trenkel

"Scalar tau LSP Phenomenology: Two versus Four-Body Decay Modes. Example: Resonant Single Slepton Production at the LHC."
H.K. Dreine (NBonn U.), S. Grab (Bonn U.), M.K. Trenkel (Munich, Max Planck Inst.).
Physical Review D79 (2009) 016002, arXiv:0808.3079 [hep-ph]
BONN-TH-2008-08, MPP-2008-92.
August 2008, 25 pp.