Physics at the Terascale Helmholtz Gemeinschaft

Workshop on OO Software Design 2010

With increasing size of modern HEP experiments, the complexity of the software
used to produce and analyze their data increased exponentially. Thus, efficiently
and successfully judging, using and developing code becomes a key ingredient to
HEP on a day to day basis.

This workshop (27 September - 1 October 2010, TU Dresden) addresses PhD students and post-Docs
in their first year with advanced expertise in an object-oriented programming
language used in HEP, e.g. C++, wishing to broaden their view and intensify
their expertise in object-oriented software development techniques. The school
comprises lectures and exercises with code examples from HEP software as well
as creative work on standard programming problems aiming to sustainably train

For further information and in order to register, please turn to the INDICO page.